Hello Moto: Hello Android

September 29, 2008

Motorola, one of the original members of the Open Handset Alliance, is reaching out to Android developers.  It’s being reported by the Washington Post, that Motorola- who hasn’t had a popular phone since the RAZR- is compiling an Android team of about 350 members.

Getting their hands into the Android Hype early could help boost Motorola’s less-than-impressive sales as of late.

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Highlights from the T-Mobile G1 Webcast- full report coming soon

September 23, 2008

So what did we learn from the T-mobile G1 webcast:


  • You can drag and drop essentially any app
  • Includes a window shade that allows you to switch between multiple applications running at the same time
  • In Compass Mode the screen will move as you do
  • A long press on any pic in your web browser will automatically attach it to an email and allow you to send the email while in the web browser
  • There is a dedicated search button on the keyboard 
  • No tether modem
  • $179
  • Launching on October 22, 2008 in the USA
  • Launching in the UK in early November
  • Launching in Europe during the 1st quarter of 2009
  • Current t-mobile customers may order a limited quantity of devices starting today to be delivered on the launch date
  • Two separate data plans: $25 for unlimited data + limited messages, $35 for unlimited data + unlimited messages
  • Need a data + voice plan
  • G1 is locked to the t-mobile network
  • 2G, 3G and Wifi
  • Gmail- push and IMAP-pull
  • Reads word, pdf and excel docs
  • No A2DP yet
  • “Chrome lite” browser
  • Supports many music formats but not iTunes unless unlocked by user
  • No skype
  • Will work on almost any network internationally

Pictures from the T-Mobile G1 Webcast

September 23, 2008

Android running on the iPhone?

September 22, 2008

Google’s Android Platform is hardware agnostic which means that in theory, Android should be able to run on Apple’s iPhone just like Windows Vista strolls casually on Apple Macbook hardware.

And there are plenty of reasons why this could/should happen: Android could soon have a wealth of developers coding feverishly for the platform and Apple’s iPhone is by far the most desirable smartphone available.

The iPhone uses a variant of the Mach Kernel found in the Mac OS X and runs with the help of a 3D accelerator from PowerVR. It is powered by a proper CPU, shouldered by 128MB memory and 16GB of hard disk space.

According to a 10-month old thread on Google’s Android developers Group, this could be done providing that Google encourages Java application on Android so that developers can come up with an Android SDK for Java to iPhone port.

But this doesn’t go as far as dumping Apple’s iPhone software and substituting it with Google’s Android; both share a number of similar features : support for multi touch, built in GPS and accelerometer as well as native support for 3G and web applications.

Linux is already running on the iPhone; this iPhone Linux project for example try to port the full Linux 2.6x kernel to the Apple iPhone and create a system whereby users can easily use Linux on their iPhone, as well as facilitating interoperability between Linux and Darwin/ARM.

But iPhone, unlike the Android platform, is closed by definition and any hacked version is very likely to attract Apple’s ire – but if the iPhone JailBreak software is a testament to the hackers’ ingenuity, then Android for the iPhone should appear quicker than one might believe.

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Can Android users feel confident storing personal data on the Dream?

September 22, 2008

Answer: Probably not…yet.

Mobility analyst and consultant Jack Gold, president and founder of J.Gold Associates, Northborough, Mass. said the Android-hungry masses should put their anticipation on hold a short time and let Google Android prove itself

“It is highly probably that Google has not tested every single possible scenario for the OS ” it’s probably impossible to do so ” and that particular vendor implementations and hardware designs will cause some strange problems to occur,” Gold said. “This is common and part of any new product cycle.”

Gold said the first outing for Google Android will likely have a several kinks to hammer out before smart phone users can be completely confident keeping their corporate data and personal information on an Android-based device.

Read the full article here.

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Google Demo of Android in London!

September 21, 2008

Mike Jennings showed off the new Google Android mobile o/s in London during the Google Developers fest in the Wembley Complex.

Video here.