Despite the G1 (HTC Dream, gPhone)  not yet being available, mutiple websites have already begun drawing comparisons between the G1 and the iPhone. Many of these comparisons have obvious biases drawn into them, so please read with an open mind.


Overview of the iPhone and the G1:


  • iPhone: 133g
  • Dream: 158g
  • iPhone: 12mm
  • Dream: 16mm
  • iPhone: 3.5in display
  • Dream: 3.17in display
  • Both: 480 X 320 pixel resolution
  • iPhone: 835MHz
  • Dream: 528MHz
  • iPhone: 8 or 16G
  • Dream: 1G SD card
  • iPhone: SMS, E-mail, IM
  • Dream: SMS, MMS, E-mail, IM
  • iPhone: 2MP
  • Dream: 3MP

Here are a few comparison articles:

Popular Mechanics runs through five ways the iPhone is better than the G1 and five ways the G1 is better than iPhone here.

PC World tell us the Top 10 Dissapointments here.

Network World‘s take on iPhone versus the G1 here.

Information Week just posted this article after having a chance to attend the T-Mobile webcast yesterday and play with the G1.

Silicon Alley Insider compares the T-Mobile offering with the iPhone and calls iPhone the clear winner here.

CNN Fortune talks about the difficulties that Google had/is having finding a home for Android vs. the many carriers who wanted the iPhone in this article. It’s not quite a comparison of the phones like the other articles, but interesting none the less.

TechRadar pitches the HTC Dream against the Apple iPhone in this article.

Information Week talks about what the developers and critics are saying when comparing Dream to iPhone in this article.

PC Mag says prepare to be underwhelmed in this article.

Android Geek pitches the HTC Dream against the Apple iPhone in this article.

Quickly Board pitches the HTC Dream against the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry Storm in this article.

If you come across a comparison article, please leave the link in the comments section to be added to this page. 



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