Your Choice of G1 Colors: Black, White, & Brown



Thanks to  Android Community

Well, what do you think? Which color is your favorite? Which one looks tacky? Cheap?

Personally, I’m all about the white option even though I easily opted for a black 16G iPhone.


9 Responses to Your Choice of G1 Colors: Black, White, & Brown

  1. Joan Ronne says:

    Black is definately my choice out of the colors available.

  2. Alex Neal says:

    I really like the white when are they releasing that color

  3. ANGIE says:


  4. Kristina says:

    Hi Alex, right now the white G1 is being held back due to the paint chipping off rather easily. The problem is being worked on and the white models should be available soon. I will post about it as soon as official word gets out.

  5. kris says:

    will the white one be out by oct. 22?

  6. Kristina says:

    Hey Kris! As of right now I wouldn’t expect to see the white one on October 22nd. It is currently not showing up as available for current T-Mobile customers to pre-order. As soon as I hear word of when the awesome white version will be debuting I will post about it! Thanks for the comment =]

  7. kris says:

    thank you 🙂 i have this page bookmarked so that i know when its out haha

  8. Powder says:

    WELL THE BROWN IS NO LONGER BROWN NOW THEY HAVE IT AS BRONZE AND DA KEYBOARD PAD IS SILVER AND NOT BLACK. BUT I’VE BEEN TRYNA TO FIUA OUT WHICH ONE I WANT AND I THINK IM GOING FOR THE BLACK BECAUSE IT HAS THAT RUBBERISH FEEL LIKE MY TMOBILE WING. As for the bronze im not a fan of the silver keybard pad i could have probably done it if it had the black keyboard pad and the white s col looking bt i wouldnt want it for everyday use….

  9. The white has been dubbed “pearl white” although i HIGHLY doubt that’ll make a difference — im assuming the color and G1 will look the same when its released.

    and no, the white is not available for pre-order yet

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