10 Best Google Android Apps

In 2007 Google said they would give $10 million in prizes to software development companies to come up with new and useful applications to run on the Android mobile operating system.

Here we have Google’s top 10 winners:

  1. cab4me- this application allows the user to call a cab using his or her Google Maps application. It uses a GPS system that not only locates the user but also the closest cab company and allows the user to initiate a call with a simple press of a button.
  2. Locale- this application uses the GPS capabilites that Android offers to locate where you are. It then adjusts its settings so that your phone won’t ring during a meeting, can send out a Twitter message to your friends, and can forward your calls to Home or Work all on its own depending on where you are.
  3. PicSay- this is a drag and drop picture editor that can also be used to create invitations and greeting cards.
  4. Softrace- set up a race with your friends and track their progress in real time using GPS!
  5. Tunewiki– allows users to share the music they are listening to and also use Google maps to hear what users all over the world are listening to!
  6. Wertago- allows users to set up dates with their friends, rate their favorite clubs and restaurants and even create personalized profiles!
  7. Life360– allows life360 users to receive alerts from others in their local communities! Alerts can range from a lost pet to emergency alerts or backyard BBQs.
  8. GoCart– allows users to have the latest and best information on products before he or she makes the purchase. GoCart will use GPS to scan the barcode and then send you instant reviews from all over the web on the product.
  9. Ecorio- tracks a users carbon footprint while driving, suggests carpooling and even allows you to purchase carbon credits to invest in carbon reduction projects!
  10. Compare Everywhere– allows users to scan barcodes similar to GoCart, but additionally it allows you to create shopping lists on places like Amazon.com
Google Code
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